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Cleaning Employee Vacationpark

ASA Eindhoven

Uren per week

We are looking for candidates who want to work as a cleaning employee for our client CSU. Do you want to support CSU during peak times? Then apply for this vacancy! It concerns the following days:

Monday and/or Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 with possible extension.

We place the responsibility in your hands for cleaning holiday homes in Mierlo. Mierlo is easily accessible from the Eindhoven, Tilburg or Den Bosch regions. As a cleaning employee you will receive a list that you must complete before cleaning these houses. It involves cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, vacuuming floors in accommodation. With your help, people staying in the holiday park can enjoy their outing even more!

It is advisable to stay mainly in the Netherlands during this crazy corona time. Still, people want to make nice trips by, for example, going on holiday in the Netherlands. This ensures that the Dutch holiday parks will be visited more often. A nice way to spend your free time! We need you to be able to enjoy a clean holiday home as a visitor!

When you apply for this vacancy, you will end up in the CSU pool. This means that you will receive an email when your help is needed. This e-mail contains the dates for the application. Are you available? Great, then you can get started! Is it not a good time? Then that is no problem, maybe you can next time.

You are a real go-getter and you can work independently with ease.


  • Can you be trusted and do you leave it tidy;
  • Are you willing to work on Mondays and Fridays;
  • Are you flexible;
  • See what needs to be done.

You will be working for the CSU. They are looking for candidates who would like to clean holiday homes during peak times of the year. The CSU has many collaborations, including the holiday park in Mierlo. That can be easily reached from Eindhoven. They care a lot about their employees and want you to have a good time!

You will work in a pleasant working atmosphere where hard work is rewarded!


  • An hourly wage of € 11.44;
  • A temporary contract;
  • A part-time job that is easy to combine;
  • The choice of being paid weekly or monthly.