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Upload hier jouw cv. Dit is je visitekaartje voor ons én voor opdrachtgevers waar we je voorstellen. Je kunt een foto opnemen op je cv, maar als je dit niet doet heeft dit geen negatieve gevolgen voor je sollicitatie. Als je een foto opneemt in je cv dan geef je ASA - én de bedrijven die horen bij RGF Staffing the Netherlands - toestemming om deze te verwerken en te verstrekken aan (potentiële) opdrachtgevers.

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Employee inventory

ASA Tilburg

Uren per week

Looking for a great side job or job that you can combine with your studies, job or other activities? This job is very flexible and you will work together with the best colleagues!

You and your team will go to various locations across the country. As an inventory employee you will work in warehouses and shops to check the stock. You will do this using a scanner.
The locations are in Tilburg but also other cities, like Breda, Eindhoven, Den Bosch or even further. If you are in the car for more than an hour, you will receive a bonus!

The training will take place in Nieuwegein and is a one-off. The trainings are available every Friday from 10:00 to 13:00. Here you will see whether this job is really something for you and whether you can work accurately with the scanner. Achieved? Then you can get started the following week.

  • You are available for at least 2 days a week and you are looking for a part-time job;
  • You are available between 13:00 and 00:00 on these days;
  • You are at least 18 years old (due to working hours);
  • You can work accurately and quickly;
  • You live in Tilburg or nearby surroundings and can travel independently to Tilburg central station;
  • You speak Dutch or English fluently;
  • You like a challenge and nothing is too crazy for you;
  • You are available immediately.

When you get started, you will depart from the station in Tilburg. It is important that you can travel here by bicycle / bus. Please note the end time of your service and the last departure time of the bus if you travel by public transport!

You get started via ASA, so you can expect a lot of benefits: get paid weekly, easily view your planning and documents and get started with different clients! We are available every day to guide you during your job. We are located in Tilburg, right in the center. You can also easily reach us from Tilburg station (3 minutes walk) and we are close to the city. It concerns temporary work with a view to a longer period!

The organization makes an inventory of the stock at mainly retail organizations and is active in 40 different countries with more than 400 offices. The customers vary from clothing store to supermarket and from electronics store to drugstore. This results in very varying working days, no one day is the same.

  • A salary in 4 different levels; the faster and accurately you work, the more you earn! You can earn up to € 12.12 per hour;
  • Building up holiday pay and hours (18%) on top of your salary;
  • You can work flexibly and you get paid weekly;
  • Working in an international team;
  • A nice addition to your CV!