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International Customer Service on location

ASA Enschede

Uren per week

Did you know that there is an international customer service company in Enschede?

We are looking for parttime or fulltime customer service representatives who speak besides English; there native language!
At this moment, we are looking for people with the the following native languages for at least 16 hours per week. It is depending of your language how many hours is available for the open position:

  • German (parttime or fulltime position)
  • Hongarian (fulltime position)

In this job are you going to help clients who call with technical question about a product that they have bought. Before you can answer these question, you get a fulltime two week training. Therefore it is important that you are available for these training days! Of course you get the training days paid as working hours.

The hourly wage is € 9,70 during the training and working hours. Your contract is on temperary basis with the company itself (tijdelijk dienstverband).

  • You live in of nearby Enschede
  • You speak, write and listen your own language and English
  • You are at least 16 hours available; parttime and or fulltime
  • You have at least a higher education like Saxion or University of Twente
  • You are flexible in your working hours; sometimes you work in the weekends or evening.

The company is situated in the city center of Enschede; nearby the Bus and Train station. Therefore it is easy to go to the company.
It is nescessary to be on the location! Maximum travel time for this job is 1 hour; so you need to live nearby Enschede.

  • A flexible job in Enschede
  • A good wage starting at € 9,70 per hour
  • A change to make friends all over the world!