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Inventory Employee parttime

ASA Rotterdam

Uren per week

Are you looking for a parttime job in the weekend (Saturday + Sunday)? And do you live in Rotterdam? Then we have a match! As an Inventory Assistent you're working in a team of 15 people and travel together to count shop supplies and inventories. You will get paid for travelling with the bus RGIS.

Salary RGIS
You start as an auditor and can progress to the salary of a Top Gun. Every three months, RGIS looks at your counting speed and you can grow to a higher salary. Are you really really good? Then you can also skip a level in three months.

Leeftijd Auditor Specialist Expert Top Gun
18 € 5,27 € 5,57 €6,07 €6,67
19 € 6,71 €7,08 €7,73 €8,48
20 € 8,15 € 8,60 € 9,38 € 10,30
21+ € 9,59 € 10,12 € 11,07 € 12,12

RGIS and ASA think the next qualities are important for an Inventory Assistant: You are….
Reliable and customer-friendly;
Quick and you work accurate;
Living in The Hague or Rotterdam;
A transducer and able to perform intensive work;
Availability: You are available during the weekends (Saturday/Sunday)
Minimum 6 months available;

RGIS is a worldwide operating organization based in 40 countries with more than 400 offices. The organization mainly provides services to retail organizations, which focus on stock inventory / inventory. The range of stores is quite diverse: from supermarkets to electronics stores.

Are you going to start as our new inventory employee? Then we have the following conditions for you:
A flexible planning based on your schedule;
You work in an enthusiastic and dynamic team;
A fee for travel hours;
A market-based salary;