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Jobs for international Students Parttime

ASA Maastricht

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Do you want to earn some money?
Dayjobs, part time jobs and fulltime jobs for international students: we have a lot of jobs!
Student life is not cheap, it costs a lot of money! ASA provide the best (side) jobs during your entire study period and also for afterwards.
We offer all students in Maastricht a job!

  • Work when it suits you, flexible working hours;
  • Get paid every week;
  • After each shift you work you build up vacation pay and vacation hours;
  • Working at different companies or at one company that you like the most;
  • Working in a cool team with other ASA team members;
  • Get tips about applying for jobs and making your resume.

Are you interested in getting a job that you can combine with your studies? Please leave your details, we will contact you!
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You can register online or send an e-mail to maastricht@asatalent,nl or come by the office!
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We will contact you as soon as possible, we can look at the job offers together.
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