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one, two, three.. counters wanted | part-time

ASA Eindhoven

Uren per week

So, what does a day look like of someone who is getting their salary every week?!
It is really simple actually,

  • first you go to the station in Eindhoven, there you will meet your colleagues for the day,
  • next the driver will arrive and you all get in the van, he will take you to a store
  • when you arrive, and have seen a lot of different surroundings while travelling through the country, you will get a handscanner,
  • so let's scan! you have to count products in that store, I see you thinking, I am already in school, or I already finished school and I do not want to use my brain like that while working again. That is where the handscanner comes in! You do not have to use your brain that much, the scanner will do the work and you get the money!
  • Finally when you are finished with the job, the driver will take you all back to the station and you can do fun stuff with the money you have earned.

So what do you need or who do you need to be? Not much!

  • just live close to the station in Eindhoven
  • you are available 2 days a week from 12:00 till 00:00. (that does not mean you have to work for 12 hours, you just have to be available for the day :) )

RGIS is a big company located around all parts of the world, that is impressive right?! It is not just a supermarket where you have to work at, also clothing and elctronic stores for example, but it is much more. You will never get bored because there are always people around you.

So, after all this information, what do we have to offer you?

  • An oppurtunity to work with your friends and family
  • A salary of 9,59 euro per hour, you can grow up to 10,11 after only 3 months!!
  • A variable job, you do not work at the same location everyday, that way you will discover places you did not even know excisted
  • You will get paid if you have to travel for more than half an hour