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Wat ga je doen?

Do you want to work whenever you want? Read more below!

ASA can help you with finding a job where you can choose when and where you will work. The flexpool gives you all these possibilities. This gives you the opportunity to match work with schoolschedules, hobby’s, other work or other activities. By working for ASA you can get work experiences at different companies.

ASA gives you the opportunity to get in contact with a lot of different companies and jobs. This way you can learn a lot about yourself and what you want in a job in the future. We want to help you find the prefect (part-time)job, so before you start as a flex worker, we will have an online intake. In this intake we will talk about what you want in a job and what your interests are.

ASA uses an app for our flexpool. This app will be used to let you know what kind of work we have for that week. In the app you let your availability know and we will make sure you will get a heads up when there is work.

Wie ben je?

  • You are flexible
  • You are at least available for one day a week/weekend
  • You are someone who likes a job that can be different every week
  • You live near or in Eindhoven

Over het bedrijf

ASA Talent want to help you with finding a job that fits you! You can see this everywhere in the company. ASA Talent was founded 50 years ago and since then we have been able to take the existing talent from the market and more importantly, help them take the next step. ASA Talent dares to invest in the relationship with flex workers. We take time to get to know our flex workers and what drives and motivates them. Should someone not be able to fill the vacancy in a normal way? We always try to find a suitable and creative solution!

Wat bieden wij jou?

  • ASA offers you at least €3,30 per hour at the age of 16 years till € 9.54 per hour from 21 years and older. You can get more an hour, depending on the job you are doing.
  • If you work a fulltime job you will get at least €1.653,60 a month.
  • 8.33% holiday allowance. This amount may of course be higher depending on the company where you are going to work.
  • Because ASA offers a flexible job within different industries, we offer jobs as: warehouse worker, production employee, cleaning employee, promotion employee, temporary jobs, holiday work or flexible work for a longer period of time and so much more!
  • In addition, you get to learn a lot of new people and work with friends.

You can also contact us on whatsapp on the number: 06-12 02 70 59


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